Schlumberger Solartron 7150 – working again

Old equipment sometimes need to be repaired and this nice multimeter is no exception.

The failure it experienced is one I expected: it seems that if this instrument sit unused too long something bad happens to a capacitor in the mains line filter.

I could use the instrument without the line filter but I wasn’t going to. Sadly a replacement mains filter line would cost almost as the whole instrument.

I just dissected the mains line filter (which wasn’t easy), found a suitable place inside the chassis for another mains line filter thenĀ soldered some wires and… done.

No photos yet as the repair is a temporary one – hopefully I will find the time to order the components I need and then I will rebuild the mains filter.

That will be another, more interesting and longer post.


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  1. I would be extremely cautious about this retrofit. If the fluorescent ballast and the lamp are not compatible with each other you run the risk of sub par performance and potential fires. Believe me, this is not worth the risk. If they are compatible, then it will work well enough.

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