HP 5345A “repair”

As I wrote here┬áI added this counter to my collection. However it didn’t work right and I was rather sure that I wouldn’t have time to fix it anytime soon.

I was wrong. Yesterday I took a pause from what I was doing and decided to have a look.

A cover was bended so it wouldn’t close properly and the cover screws were missing but both things are easy to fix.

Inside there was nothing wrong with the power supply and just a couple of cables loose inside.

Turning the unit on the display was clearly wrong: missing digits, missing annunciators and so on.

The solution was to remove the Display Assembly (just four screws) and use the contact cleaner on the connectors, switches and potentiometers of the Display Assembly.

Reassembled the Display Assembly I tested the counter with what I had handy and it seems to work. I will check it better later but I am rather sure that it is ok.

Just to be sure I removed every board inside the counter and cleaned their contacts.


However the power switch lever is broken off so in the end I will replace it and it will be a proper repair. Still boring.


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