HP/Compaq 2510p: changed DC power connector

I rather like my HP/Compaq 2510p so I have been really displeased when the laptop suddendly powered off even if it was attached to its power supply. The fact that I recently bought a new battery for it only added to my displeasure.

The first thing I checked was the power supply… which was dead. This sent me to a wild goose chase as I bought a new power supply which didn’t work, returned it, bought another one which worked but the laptop stubbornly refused to turn on.

Therefore I decided to dissect. On the HP site you can find the user and service manual so disassembling the laptop is not really easy but feasible (my keyboard was stuck in place and I had to apply more force that I would have liked to free it).

In the end, the DC power connector had a broken pin. I decided to buy a new one instead of just touching up the old power connector with a bit of solder.

As motherboards are cramped and the ground place is usually really good soldering on it is not the easiest thing to do but the old connector went out and the new connector took its place.

Now the 2510p works as it should.



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