Segal’s law

“A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.”

I would also say that a man with a voltmeter knows what voltage it is. A man with two voltmeters is never sure.

Between the Solartron 7150, the HP 3456A and the HP 3457A I have three voltmeters… which satisfies Segal’s law.

At least the HP3456A and the HP 3457A read the same and so all is well with the world.


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  1. Nice research Rob. The math bears out your conclusion that LEDs are less costly of the life of the bulbs compared to the alternatives. I wonder whether 20+ years is what one can realistically expect from an LED bulb’s lifespan. I remember expecting 10 years or so from CFLs but never saw that ever. When I would put in a new CFL, I would write the installation date on the bulb’s socket for reference. Usually I’d have a CFL last for about 2 years max. I hope LED bulbs last 20 years but I’m wary of those claims. All my LEDs have installation dates written on them.

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