Tektronix Type 602 Display Unit repair

The Type 602 had been around for a lot of time before I decided to tackle its repair which had been easier than expected.

First problem: missing mains fuse. Replaced and the unit turned on.

Almost everything worked except for vertical deflection of the beam. This also was an easy repair: my unit came without covers andĀ a bitĀ battered so Q27 went missing and Q21 was broken.

They are Tekronix Part Number 151-0195-00 and their equivalent seems to be MPS6515. I did not have any MPS6515 laying around so I went for something similar. In two NPN transistor went and the vertical deflection worked.

I may have to adjust the unit, but I will do that only if I will end up buying the MPS6515.

Anyway, one less broken thing.

The documentation about the Type 602 can be found here.


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