It is sad when…

… it takes you more than three months to change a CR2032.

It happened to me. I am sure that everybody knows and loves the CR2032. They are in a lot of desktop machines and their little job is keeping the rtc ticking.

The CR2032 of one of my machines (a Dell Optiplex)decided some time ago that it did its job long enough.

Changing a CR2032 usually is a quick and painless job: you open your desktop pc, locate it, pop it out and pop in the replacemente. Sometimes it is hidden behind a disk drive, sometimes it is in plain sight.

What do you need to do a job so simple: a flat screwdriwer, a philips screwdriver or maybe a torx or pozidriv, five or maybe ten minutes of your time and obviously a spare CR2032.

I didn’t have a spare and I forgot to buy it day in and day out.

Sad, really.


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